There are tons of ways to display pillows in a bedroom but I’ve narrowed it down to my top 4 most commonly used displays. This look is simple- stacked shams with one accent pillow. Fewer pillows make for less pillows to remove from the bed when getting into it. Simple yet impactful. I change the pillow out with each season so that it coordinates well with the weather outside.

bedroompillowsgirlsThis look uses only shams- no throw pillows. Another simple look that is clean and colorful by adding the pop of color with one of the shams.


This is probably the most common use of bed pillows- Euro size pillows in the background with throw pillows in the foreground. I love the symmetry and use of varied sizes and patterns to give the bed some interest.


This look combines all of the styles- Euro layered in the background with standard shams and a throw pillow in front. Great for a more formal bedroom to add texture and make the bed look full and inviting.