Interior Design

Bedroom Update


White on white with gold and black accents was the goal in this bedroom make-over. White bed (bedding from West Elm), white walls and white curtains with a hint of black (from Pottery Barn Teen ) were the perfect starting point. This blanket from ZGallerie was just the right addition to add some color, pattern and a touch of gold.


This black and white photograph collage was my client’s idea and just the right way to personalize her daughter’s space (couch from Target and rug from West Elm ).


I love adding rustic elements to warm up a space and break up the starkness of black and white. This dresser from West Elm did just that!


Continuing the color palette of blacks, whites and golds we carried it into the adjoining TV room. This bold rug from Ikea brings the space together perfectly. We flanked the window with shelves which are a great way to make room for displaying personal items and photos.

It’s amazing how a new light can change a space so dramatically! This one from Shades of Light was like the cherry on top of this room.


Touches of pink and fur give this room the feminine touch it needed to feel young and girly for this almost graduated teen.

So happy with the end result of this space and lucky to have clients with such sophisticated palettes!

Warm Gray Paint Colors


I know what you’re thinking- some of these colors look brown or tan- not gray! The secret to finding a warm paint color (that doesn’t give you a purply or blue hue) is to look in the paint section that has tan options in it. Of course every paint color looks different in every space, so depending on the amount of natural light that your space offers and where in your space you’re using it each color could take on a different hue.

What I love about the paint colors above is I’ve never gotten any strange undertones when I’ve used them- they’ve always given me a tried and true warm gray that works perfectly in my client’s spaces. I would always recommend painting a swatch on the wall in a designated space before painting the whole room to be sure that it’s the shade you’re wanting.

Restoration Hardware offers amazing paint choices in any color family. If you’re wanting less of a warm gray they have some great cool gray options as well. Similarly, Benjamin Moore has a fabulous paint selection that caters to every paint need. These 2 stores are my go-tos for most of the paint colors I use in my designs.

Small Bathroom, BIG Changes


This bathroom is in my basement and the dark yellow walls were great 7 years ago but I wanted to lighten and brighten the space. The main purpose for the remodel was to get more storage and this birdbath sink didn’t do the job.beforebathroom2

In addition to needing more storage, the floor color was great but functionally the toilet never sat straight on it and the gaps in the wood laminate let water in so there was actually black mold hiding underneath when we tore it up. So new flooring was a must!!bathroom1

I love the white calacatta porcelain tiles we chose that are mostly white with some gray veins running through them. They were such a reasonable price from Lowe’s and we used the 12×12 floor tiles mixed with the smaller 6×6 tiles to give it a little more interest . I kept the same shower curtain but painted the walls white,  a Behr paint color called Irish Mist from . Adding some natural wood elements in the stool and mirror help to break up the stark white throughout the space.bathroom2

The sink, vanity, faucet and glass shelf all came from . The rustic wood mirror was a great find from . Now our guests will have storage as well as space above the sink to set bathroom items on. We’re so happy with the end result. The choice of white in such a small space really opened it up and brightened the room. Since my husband did all of the work, it only ended up costing around $500 for the whole makeover!!

Summer Table Centerpieces


Kitchen table centerpieces are some of the most common decor items I get asked about what would be best to display. I think the summer makes it easy for us with all of the fresh garden flowers and leaves and delicious fruits available to us. Displaying fruit in a pretty bowl not only makes it easily accessible but is simple and beautiful as well.


Grouping items like fresh garden flowers, a candle and salt and pepper shakers gives you a simple yet functional display. Adding a colorful tray underneath gives it a more summery feel.


Here I’ve used 2 matching trays to corral leaves from the garden along with napkins and salt and pepper shakers. It’s nice to be able to have necessary items when eating readily available if this is what suits your family best.

My centerpiece is always changing according to what the season is and what I need displayed the most. Sometimes functionality takes precedence but making it beautiful is always top priority!

Layering the Perfect Shelf

Sometimes it’s hard to find that balance between having too much on a shelf to where it looks cluttered and too little to where it looks unfinished.

When styling a shelf, I like to start with the biggest piece first, whether it be a piece of artwork hanging or leaning on the shelf or a big accessory sitting on the shelf. Then I bring in the next biggest item. In this example it was the smaller piece of artwork (made my by 8 year old) leaning against the bigger picture that I’ve hung low above the shelf. I chose to hang the bigger picture instead of leaning it to give a little more height above the shelf- having some height is very important. Next I filled in the shelf with my favorite things- books, plants/florals, a petrified rock and bowl with a simple design on it. I’m not a matchy matchy designer so I like a good mix of colors, metals and patterns. Items such as books, plants or flowers and candles always tend to warm up a space so I try to have at least one of these 3 items on every shelf I decorate.

I believe that one of the most important things when layering a shelf is to choose items that you enjoy looking at and that have meaning to you. This shelf sits right next to my TV in our great room and it’s what I see when I walk down my stairs every morning- so I love being able to look at items that are personal to me as well as aesthetically appealing. My daughter’s artwork, the petrified rock found by my sister, leaves from one of our plants outside- all of these items collectively invoke a feeling of comfort and satisfaction when I look at them together.

To sum it up, here are my 3 tips to styling a shelfAngelaShelfStylingWeb:

1- display something with height

2- put at least one of of these 3 items on every shelf- plants or flowers, books or candles

3- show accessories that have personal meaning to you