Meet Angela
AFP Design began in 2002 when Angela Pedersen realized her love for interior design. After successfully creating a company that specialized in making and selling home decor, she was inspired to help her friends decorate their houses. Her passion for decorating continued to grow and her clientele expanded beyond friends and family. Angela not only beautifies spaces on the outside but helps her clients stay organized behind closed doors as well. She feels that in order to keep spaces looking their best, finding a place for everything and organizing the clutter makes that task so much more feasible. Currently she designs and organizes spaces for local businesses, shops and a wide variety of homes.

In addition to consulting clients on decorating and design, Angela is passionate about fashion. Since childhood, fashion has been a prevalent interest in her life, leading her to pursue modeling in her teen and college years. For over a decade, she has been styling for clothing companies, private clients, catalogs and websites.

Angela’s expertise in styling and design naturally led her to become an event planning specialist. While she enjoys hosting small, intimate gatherings such as bridal and baby showers, she thrives in styling weddings and corporate events. Her broad skill-set gives her the ability to handle all of the elements involved with the event: the overall look and decor, the menu and even the hostess’s attire!