I know what you’re thinking- some of these colors look brown or tan- not gray! The secret to finding a warm paint color (that doesn’t give you a purply or blue hue) is to look in the paint section that has tan options in it. Of course every paint color looks different in every space, so depending on the amount of natural light that your space offers and where in your space you’re using it each color could take on a different hue.

What I love about the paint colors above is I’ve never gotten any strange undertones when I’ve used them- they’ve always given me a tried and true warm gray that works perfectly in my client’s spaces. I would always recommend painting a swatch on the wall in a designated space before painting the whole room to be sure that it’s the shade you’re wanting this web page.

Restoration Hardware offers amazing paint choices in any color family. If you’re wanting less of a warm gray they have some great cool gray options as well. Similarly, Benjamin Moore has a fabulous paint selection that caters to every paint need. These 2 stores are my go-tos for most of the paint colors I use in my designs.