This actually isn’t my first blog.

My bestie, Heather, built one for me about 3 years ago. She designed it and put the pictures on it for me- all I had to do was write. But it never happened. Probably because I’d just given birth to my fourth (and final!!) child and couldn’t fathom the idea of adding one more thing to my plate. But now, over 3 years later, here we are again giving it a go and I’m actually EXCITED to be able to share all of the ideas and planning and styling that goes through my head on a daily basis. I absolutely LOVE being creative and love even more when I can teach or help someone else channel their own inner creativity.

I’ve literally been into fashion since grade school, planning and writing down my outfits/hair styles daily so I wouldn’t wear the same thing twice! I don’t know if admitting that is embarrassing or genius but either way, I could never get fashion out of my head. I modeled and walked runways and styled photo shoots and designed catalogs and dressed models for websites using this passion; it’s something that has never waned.

The design obsession came later, like after I was married later, but didn’t take long to become as important to me as fashion had always been. I started out decorating for friends and family but soon word got out and I built my business just on word of mouth alone. It was the perfect outlet as I raised my four little ones and gave me another avenue to release the creative energy I’ve always had. Making other’s homes and businesses places they love to come to brings me so much satisfaction and pride. I work hard to keep up with all of the current styles and merchants and ways to improve spaces so that my clients get everything they want when they hire me.

Throwing parties soon followed suit and I realized I wasn’t happy unless I had a future event to plan and prepare for- whether it was in my own home or helping others with theirs. I love bringing friends together to celebrate special occasions or I’ll make up occasions to celebrate! Entertaining for me is fun, exciting and fulfilling- I hardly even get stressed anymore when I’m throwing an event (although my husband would beg to differ!).

I also love to organize, cook, bake, DIY, come up with original/unique ideas and be fashionable while I’m doing it! All of these things make me happy on a daily basis and I couldn’t fathom not doing any one of them. I’m excited to share all that I’ve learned, and continue to learn, with you!!!